Monday, April 7, 2014

#MakeItMonday - Weeks 8 and 9

After week 7's failure, I made sure to do a "make" instead of a "do" - not only did I not accomplish week 7 as anticipated, I don't think anyone else participated.  LOL  So for week 8, we made nail polish.  What girl doesn't love nail polish??  And when I realized how EASY it was to make, I had to try!  Take some clear nail polish, crush up some eye shadow, mix and voila!  Nail polish!  I made a black with blue and green sparkles in it.  It's hard to see the sparkle, but I love it!

For week 9 (today), I picked a pretty easy "make".  Learning how to draw something!  If you could draw ANYTHING...what would it be?  I wish I could draw fantasy art...faeries, gnomes, fictitious characters, beautiful landscapes no bigger than a to start, I'm working on my drawings of faeries.  The character I drew today wasn't the original image I had in my head (not even close) but I'm OK with it for what it is.  I am still drawing so hopefully my next turns out closer to what I imagined.

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