Sunday, March 23, 2014

Make It Monday Projects

I've started a weekly project on my facebook page (and plan to keep doing it there) but I'd like to post about it here as well!  I hope you guys check it out each week.  When logged into facebook, do a search for #MakeItMonday.  When I started, I didn't realize others already did something similar, but I really think it just helps unite us.  Let's get creating, everyone!  Each week, I will post a tutorial for a project we'll be working on the following Monday.  This gives you a chance to check your supplies and see if you need to pick anything up before we start.  Come Monday morning, everyone gears up, works on their projects, and then takes pictures of their accomplishments.  I love to see your creations!  So please, join along and post pictures to my page for all of us to see.

Here's a rundown of the projects we've already accomplished:

Week 1: Handmade Liquid Soap from Bar Soap

Week 2: Make Rubber Stamps from Erasers

Week 3: Make a Wire Bracelet

Week 4: Make Canvas Art using Scrapbook Paper

Week 5: Make Strawberry Banana Creams

Week 6: Learn How To Crochet

For Week 7, we're doing more of a "do", than a "make".  I'm challenging everyone to find something to paint.  I'll be painting my bedroom ceiling (and walls, if I have time).

Join us every Monday on my facebook page.  We'd love to see what you create!

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