Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Product Review:

All I wanted for Christmas was some diamond earrings.  Every girl wants a good pair, don't they?  When looking online for a good pair that I could trust, I realized I didn't really need the "diamond" part...I just needed something that sparkled.  Of course I found my way over to Etsy and did a quick search.  I didn't want vintage earrings (used?  no thanks).  I just wanted something simple and small enough for every day wear.  I came across Oshrit's shop, JulJewelry, and instantly fell in love.  Then I noticed that they were Cubic option I hadn't considered.  I know about swarovski crystal and glass and all that from creating my own jewelry, but I've never used Cubic Zirconia before.  I never imagined how beautiful it would be in person!  Not only did I receive a good, quality product and extra earring backs, but they came shipped all the way from Israel in an adorable little box and it took just over a week.  I would highly recommend checking out the beautiful jewelry pieces she has to offer - I guarantee you'll find something you'll love.

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