Friday, April 11, 2014

Product Review:

I try and be as supportive of Etsy shops as I can be and so I follow a lot of business pages on Facebook.  One I regularly interact with is SoapySweetTreats and last week, I won a giveaway of a 4 oz container of their luxury whipped shea butter in "blue hawaiian".  Today, I checked the mail and guess what I found!

Doesn't that look amazing?  I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it smells.  I opened it up to take pictures and my daughter came over, nose in the air, asking if she could smell it.  I couldn't help but let her.

Stop by SoapySweetTreats on facebook, etsy, or ebay.  They make realistic food soaps (that look good enough to eat!) and scented soaps and bars and foams and men's stuff keeps going and going and going.  You really need to check them out!

Monday, April 7, 2014

#MakeItMonday - Weeks 8 and 9

After week 7's failure, I made sure to do a "make" instead of a "do" - not only did I not accomplish week 7 as anticipated, I don't think anyone else participated.  LOL  So for week 8, we made nail polish.  What girl doesn't love nail polish??  And when I realized how EASY it was to make, I had to try!  Take some clear nail polish, crush up some eye shadow, mix and voila!  Nail polish!  I made a black with blue and green sparkles in it.  It's hard to see the sparkle, but I love it!

For week 9 (today), I picked a pretty easy "make".  Learning how to draw something!  If you could draw ANYTHING...what would it be?  I wish I could draw fantasy art...faeries, gnomes, fictitious characters, beautiful landscapes no bigger than a to start, I'm working on my drawings of faeries.  The character I drew today wasn't the original image I had in my head (not even close) but I'm OK with it for what it is.  I am still drawing so hopefully my next turns out closer to what I imagined.

Friday, March 28, 2014

#MakeItMonday Total bust....almost

Week 7's #MakeItMonday project was pretty much a bust.  I had planned on painting my bedroom ceiling (and possibly walls) but never got to it.  I bought the paint and then when it came time to actually paint, my husband gave me a look of "really?  It's after 7pm" so I decided to shelf the project until I can start earlier in the day.  Maybe this weekend.  To make up for it, I painted a pot I just bought.  I've since planted strawberry seeds in it - time to get some nummy's in my house!

To make up for week 7's total project failure, I am doing something...girly for week 8.  We're making nail polish!  Who wants to join in?  I'm really looking forward to this one.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Make It Monday Projects

I've started a weekly project on my facebook page (and plan to keep doing it there) but I'd like to post about it here as well!  I hope you guys check it out each week.  When logged into facebook, do a search for #MakeItMonday.  When I started, I didn't realize others already did something similar, but I really think it just helps unite us.  Let's get creating, everyone!  Each week, I will post a tutorial for a project we'll be working on the following Monday.  This gives you a chance to check your supplies and see if you need to pick anything up before we start.  Come Monday morning, everyone gears up, works on their projects, and then takes pictures of their accomplishments.  I love to see your creations!  So please, join along and post pictures to my page for all of us to see.

Here's a rundown of the projects we've already accomplished:

Week 1: Handmade Liquid Soap from Bar Soap

Week 2: Make Rubber Stamps from Erasers

Week 3: Make a Wire Bracelet

Week 4: Make Canvas Art using Scrapbook Paper

Week 5: Make Strawberry Banana Creams

Week 6: Learn How To Crochet

For Week 7, we're doing more of a "do", than a "make".  I'm challenging everyone to find something to paint.  I'll be painting my bedroom ceiling (and walls, if I have time).

Join us every Monday on my facebook page.  We'd love to see what you create!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Product Review:

All I wanted for Christmas was some diamond earrings.  Every girl wants a good pair, don't they?  When looking online for a good pair that I could trust, I realized I didn't really need the "diamond" part...I just needed something that sparkled.  Of course I found my way over to Etsy and did a quick search.  I didn't want vintage earrings (used?  no thanks).  I just wanted something simple and small enough for every day wear.  I came across Oshrit's shop, JulJewelry, and instantly fell in love.  Then I noticed that they were Cubic option I hadn't considered.  I know about swarovski crystal and glass and all that from creating my own jewelry, but I've never used Cubic Zirconia before.  I never imagined how beautiful it would be in person!  Not only did I receive a good, quality product and extra earring backs, but they came shipped all the way from Israel in an adorable little box and it took just over a week.  I would highly recommend checking out the beautiful jewelry pieces she has to offer - I guarantee you'll find something you'll love.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Product Review:

Late 2013, I was just browsing through facebook when I noticed one of the pages I follow playing a BINGO game.  After a few rounds, I was a lucky winner!  The prize was a "your choice" from a couple options but once I saw these adorable bunny slippers in the prize list, I knew I had to have them!  My only regret is they would look silly on me, so I had them made for my niece, Kiya.  She was born in December and therefore will be the perfect age to not ruin them by Easter.  These adorable crocheted bunny slippers were made by Lisa over at Kaleidoscope Art and Gifts.  If you think these are adorable, you should see the other things she makes!  She's constantly posting crochet and knitting patterns she's found online, along with posting her amazing creations.  She has photo props, hats, stuffed animals, blankies, slippers, name it...she probably has it or knows how to make it!  Seriously...why are you still reading this?  Go.  Go check out her shop right now!  And then follow along on her facebook page.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Camo mittens for the goober

My son is obsessed with camouflage.  Why?  I have no idea.  We don't hunt.  We don't go hiking much.  We're a pretty normal, every day family.  What's with the camo obsession?  I guess because he's 8 and that's what 8 year olds do.  Last fall, he asked me to knit him some gloves.  While I'm pretty good at learning new things quickly, I wasn't ready for that challenge yet so I made him a pair of mittens.  He's 8.  He can still get away with mittens, right?  Anyway.  Finished product image:

No.  He's not happy about getting them at all.

So what do you think?  Did they turn out alright?  I'm thinking of making my daughter some mittens next out of this soft purple yarn she loves.  As obsessed as my son is with camo, my daughter is with purple.

The next few years should be awesome fun.

Monday, December 30, 2013

And I'm Back!

Wow - I didn't mean to be gone for so long, everyone!  I am back and updating again.  I have a new look for my website and blog, I am working on some new items for my shop, and I'm starting a new craft - drawing!  I look forward to posting again and hope you continue to stop by.  Until I have more to post about, I'll feature some items.  Check out my favorites on etsy!