Monday, January 13, 2014

Product Review:

Late 2013, I was just browsing through facebook when I noticed one of the pages I follow playing a BINGO game.  After a few rounds, I was a lucky winner!  The prize was a "your choice" from a couple options but once I saw these adorable bunny slippers in the prize list, I knew I had to have them!  My only regret is they would look silly on me, so I had them made for my niece, Kiya.  She was born in December and therefore will be the perfect age to not ruin them by Easter.  These adorable crocheted bunny slippers were made by Lisa over at Kaleidoscope Art and Gifts.  If you think these are adorable, you should see the other things she makes!  She's constantly posting crochet and knitting patterns she's found online, along with posting her amazing creations.  She has photo props, hats, stuffed animals, blankies, slippers, name it...she probably has it or knows how to make it!  Seriously...why are you still reading this?  Go.  Go check out her shop right now!  And then follow along on her facebook page.

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